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Investment Strategies

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Our Investment Strategy Is Transparent To All Of Our Clients.


When clients call Envision Capital with questions, they speak with their own account managers—decision makers—not intermediaries. Clients who want to know how we will deploy their money and what strategy we will use given changing market conditions just have to ask. We tell them unequivocally, in plain English.


We employ a unique investment strategy for each client. Most of our client goals center around capital preservation, long-term growth and current income. This is our most often-used investment strategy.


We mix in external variables such as interest rates and the changing economic situation of some cities and states. We are ever watchful of every bond position—corporate and municipal—and their financial stability. Often our proprietary position monitoring system identifies problem situations before the mega-managers do. We evaluate the situation, make a decision and execute. When our alert system identifies a potential problem bond, we often sell the position to preserve capital. 


The investment strategies Envision Capital employs are tuned to these variables important to our clients:

  • Individual investment objectives

  • Personal tax requirements

  • Tolerance for taking market risk

  • Asset Allocation


Feeding our investment strategies is a network of market information sources, research and knowledgeable professionals. We receive market information as fast as the other Wall Street money managers and can often react faster. 

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