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Investment Philosophy

For 27 Years Envision Capital Management, Inc. Has Served The Bond Management Needs Of Private Individuals, Their Trusts, IRAs, Pension Plans And Businesses. 



  • We are Niche Investors


  • We Don't Buy No-Brainer Names


  • No Mega-Cap Index Eligible Bonds Unless On Sale


  • Our Mission Is To Add Value Beyond What Investors Can Do By Themselves 

Investment Philosophy

  • We are niche investors. We don't buy no-brainer names lacking yield. That means the large mega-cap index eligable bonds will rarely appear in a portfolio...unless they are on sale as we saw in 2008 and 2009.

  • As niche investors, we search for bonds that are under the radar.

  • Preservation of capital is our most important goal.


Envision Capital Adds Value

  • Who needs to work with 50 brokers? You do.         

  • There are brokers that specialize in: municipals, investment grade, high yield, split rated and generalists. 

  • Not all are created equal nor are their prices the same at precisely the same time. 

  • Envision Capital's trading desk is the ultimate shopper on your behalf. We can and will obtain prices at institutional levels you can not get on your own. 

  • Just one of the many ways we pay our freight and earn our fees.


Trading Strategy

  • We use the top bond institutions to get the best price and execution

  • We analyze all changes in every bond issuer we own daily. Then we make the decision to keep it or sell it.

Envision doesn’t throw all its clients into one large investment pool and hope the results meet each client’s personal requirements. Instead, we custom tailor each client’s asset management and investment program to their specific needs, their tolerance for risk and their required returns. Then we execute. Precisely. Accurately. We get it right.

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